About Me

Train with the Top-rated Personal Trainer in Dubai

Hey there. Milos here. I am an IFBB-certified nutritionist and personal trainer from Dubai. I possess vast knowledge in fitness to ensure you achieve your fitness desires. Over the years, I have helped over 2,000 people to maintain physical fitness.

To escalate my efficiency, I developed a website where you can easily interact with me, book my training sessions and purchase fitness materials and packages. Over the years, I have won many awards and recognitions in Dubai and beyond.

What to Expect

Upon enrolling on my training program, here is a snippet of what to expect.

Nutritional and Dietary guidance.

Diet and nutrition have a significant impact on your physical wellness. I can assist in guiding you through the right diet that will come in handy during your fitness program. As I am offering nutritional guidance, I am usually keen on your health status to avoid recommending allergic meals that may compromise your health. For the best fitness results, ensure you keenly follow the dietary guidelines.

Personal Training Sessions

I will specifically customize a training and exercise program to fit your needs. When customizing your training program, I will need you to provide any allergies you may be having, Expectations and your flexibility.
Upon commencement of the training, I will closely monitor your workout progress and make adjustments where necessary. Besides this, I can update the plan to fit new goals such as endurance, agility, performance, muscle strength and more. I got you covered.


I have over fifteen years of experience in the fitness industry; hence signing up for lessons with me assures you of a touch of professionalism. I will use the latest bodybuilding techniques to enable you to achieve your goals within an agreeable timeframe.


Due to a lack of accountability, over 90% of people fail to complete what they started. I am accountable for my clients’ fitness progress by tracking habit changes and simple steps. By this, I can ensure you are successful in your health and fitness journey.

Rehab Services

I offer rehab services to injured people or those suffering from an illness requiring physical activity to attain stability. With my training sessions and simulations, there’s an assurance you’ll cope with your post-injury situation with ease.


I understand your schedules may be too tight, and this may hinder you from having ample exercising time. For this reason, I am flexible to fit into your schedules. You don’t have to come to my fitness centre, and I can come to your place. Besides this, I can offer you coaching sessions via online conferencing. To enjoy this flexibility, visit my website and schedule a consultation with me.

Lifestyle Coaching

Your lifestyle habits influence your physical fitness. I will guide you through maintaining a healthy lifestyle that will positively influence your fitness journey. You will receive coaching sessions on achieving financial, physical, mental and social wellness. To spice it up, you’ll learn to optimize your daily habits to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Goals And Preferences

I will design a healthy lifestyle package for the client to achieve weight and health goals with assistance over the phone and text.

If you’re striving for a healthy lifestyle, then my program has a lot to offer with guaranteed results.

Why Choose Me?

The busy lifestyle makes it impossible for people to bring out the time for exercise and morning walks. With the help of a professional trainer who helps you set the goal for your body and motivates you with full accountability to counter-check, the results are one of a kind. I analyze the client’s strengths and shortcomings through fitness examination and stimulate them to set fitness preferences by giving constant feedback and outcomes of the prescribed exercises.
Fitness assessments are done at intervals to make sure the outcomes of exercise are positive.

Gym 95%
Fitness 90%
Muscle building 95%
Stretching 80%


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Please use contact option or send me mail for more details and booking appointment.