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4 mistakes in gym

4 mistakes when training arms

You know what they say: ‘Sun’s out, guns out’ but what if your guns (arms) are distinctly lacking in terms of size and definition, and you struggle to fill out a small/medium shirt? When people flex their muscles, 9 times out of 10, their go-to pose will be a single, or a double bicep pose. […]


4 Hacks for Massive Muscle Growth

Everybody works out for different reasons. Some people want to get fit, some want to burn off those stubborn few pounds of fat they’ve been holding onto since the holidays, and some just want to improve all around health and wellness. From an aesthetic standpoint however, one of the main reasons why people hit the […]

low back anatomy and pain points

Relieve a Tight Lower Back

Symptoms of a tight lower back Whether your lower back feels tight often or occasionally, it’s important to listen to your body and take steps to loosen tension. A tight lower back can worsen and lead to more serious problems. It can also affect your daily movements such as reaching down to pick up something […]

How To Reverse Estrogen Dominance in Men

Estrogen dominance occurs when estrogen levels are too high or when testosterone levels are too low to balance out estrogen. That’s why, in most cases, symptoms of high estrogen are similar to those of low testosterone in men. In recent year, estrogen dominance in men has increased. This is mainly due to exposure to chemicals […]

Diamond Shaped Calves

Frankly, the calf muscles are insanely stubborn and a pain to grow, which is why most people stop focusing on them altogether. Genetics and a predisposition to explosive calf growth do play a surprisingly large role in that, but equally—if not more so—calf issues are predicated, un-calculated, half nature at which most people attack the […]

The Return of German Volume Training

Since 1998, T Nation has been supplying readers with cutting edge weight training programs designed to pack on serious shirt-stretching size. It begs the question though: Among the hundreds (thousands?) of hypertrophy protocols in the T Nation archives, which would be the best for rapid size gains? To achieve maximum size, many lifters opt for […]

Tip: Tall? Squat Like This

For building mass, squats are king. However, when long-limbed hardgainers try to back squat, it often looks like an ugly good morning. Switching to a safety squat bar (holding the squat rack) is a game changer. The Benefits • The padded yoke takes stress off your shoulders. • The bar design moves the weight forward […]

Correct the apperance of your “Fir trees”

Building a perfect muscular back is not easy, although it is well known that in the bodybuilding of the competition they get and conquer with their back. Looking at Dorian Yates more famous under the nickname “THE SHADOW”, the sixth winner of the most prestigious competition in the world of bodybuilding, who built one of […]


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