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Hi guys! Make your dearest person happy, healthy and strong. Select one or all 3 packages and make fitness suprise to yourself and to your loved one. Each package is tailor-made and specially assembled for each individual. Sign up and I will personally help you and design any program for you!


About Package

Before any purchases please contact me first on my e-mail, WhatsApp or Contact form.

Personal Training Sessions

Personal Training consists of 1-on-1 training at the gym or your home.
The training is specifically designed just for you and your goals and needs, that I will personally created.

Training includes:

1on1 Personal Training

You will get:

Free assessment
1) Consultation about Goals and Health condition
2) First Personal Training session for Free
3) Full Body composition assessment
4) Finding and pointing to weak muscle parties
5) Making plan to achieve your goals

We will do:
Improving and resolving Health disorders,
Custom made Workout program,
Advice about Nutrition ( Food, Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals)
Fat loss,
Muscle strength and power Functional training,
Injury recovery,
Full body Stretching,
Checking and following up progress with Body Assessment

As I always tell to my clients, Relax and Enjoy!

Workout Program
The Workout Program consists of:
List and name of exercises,
Number of sets and repetitions,
The frequency and intervals for each exercises and how should be done correctly,
Split program for each muscle part (can be customized depending from your requirements)

It is unique program specially made for you, your goals and needs.
Every program is different and custom made.

For clients
You will need to do the basic measures by yourself (height, weight, waist size) and send me.
Each plan is made for 1 month.
Once a week you are required to send me your weight and two photos from front and back, to follow up your progress.
At the end of the month a large body check up is done to see progress and follow up with workout routine.
Nutrition Plan
The Nutrition Plan consists of precisely selected Macro and Micro nutrients that are needed to achieve your goals.

Whether your goal is to:

Increase muscle mass,
Reduce fat deposits,
Or just build muscle tone

You are in the right place.

What you will need?

You will need to tell me about:

Your currently food plan during the day,
What is your goals and what you want to achieve,
Are you allergic to some type of food and what is your current state of health,
Are you taking some medication?

For clients in Dubai or UAE

It is recommendable to meet and to do basic body assessment and measurements to determine starting point:

Weight measurement,
Body fat percentage (BF),
Basal metabolism index (BMI),
Basal metabolism (BMR)

For Online clients

You will need to do the basic body assessment and measurements by yourself and to send me the results, I will help you and explain how to do.
Once a week you are required to send me your weight and two photos from front and back to follow up your progress.

Additional information


Personal training 1 on 1, 10 sessions, Nutrition plan for 1 month, Workout plan


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